In March of 2022, the County of Renfrew and Renfrewshire in Scotland entered a partnership, twinning both communities. In this, both Renfrewshire council and the County of Renfrew have agreed to promote, support, and encourage exchanges and cooperative activities between the citizens of each community. These exchanges and activities will build and grow on shared goals of economic development, cultural understanding and improved municipal governance and administration.

In July of 2022, George Gilfillan (Business Support Coach with Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation) was able to meet with Renfrewshire’s Lady Provost, the Right Honourable Lorraine Cameron, while on a trip back home. George was born in Glasgow but attended school in Renfrewshire and lived there for several years during early adulthood. During his time with the Provost George was able to discuss issues and challenges both communities face in today’s economic landscape, as well as present Ms. Cameron and her team with gifts from the County of Renfrew to further strengthen the friendship forged between both communities.

At Renfrew County’s Development & Property Committee meeting held on September 12th George was welcomed to present a gift to both Warden Debbie Robinson and Mayor Bob Sweet, Committee Chair, on behalf of Provost Cameron.

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